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Healthcare is changing at the speed of light. It’s challenging to stand out among the competition in a crowded and noisy field. I help healthcare brands develop marketing content that increases brand awareness, motivates prospects and stimulates sales.

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How I Can Help

Content Strategy

Know where you’re going with a sound strategy that guides the creation, delivery and governance of useful, high-impact content.

Content Development

Turn browsers into buyers and customers into lifelong fans with informative, educational content.


Move your readers to take action with persuasive, conversion-focused copy, whether it’s buying your product or downloading a report.

Thought Leadership

Build trust and cement your brand’s reputation with high-quality ghostwritten articles, blog posts and think pieces.

What My Clients Say

“My team has been immensely pleased with Kirsten’s work. In a very short time, she was able to accurately capture our organization’s voice and deliver focused, informational and educational content that resonates with our audience.”
Gina Rogers, Strategic Communications Director, Vizient
"Her writing skills are excellent and she has a profound ability to understand subject matter and consider story line and narrative in pieces of content, ensuring that the final product is both factual and humanistic."
Phoebe Byers, Associate Marketing Director, GetWell Network
"She is great at synthesizing the inputs we give her into well-crafted and insightful pieces, works flexibly and efficiently, and is also a pleasure to work with. I definitely recommend engaging with her."
Meredith Kiernan, Co-founder Chief Experience Strategist and Head of Client Services, Waterhouse Brands
"She knows our industry inside and out and can communicate to our B2B executive audience with authority and clarity. Even when the topic is dry or technical, her writing voice is always bright and engaging."
Sarah Maurer, Blog Manager Editor, Vituity

Partner With An Experienced B2B Healthcare Content Expert to Boost Your Marketing

As a busy healthcare marketer, you’re looking to attract leads, convert prospects into buyers, and transform buyers into satisfied customers. But engaging today’s B2B buyers is difficult. They are busy, selective and highly informed. If your brand’s content doesn’t deliver the right information at the right time with proficiency and finesse, your prospects will quickly lose interest and seek out other options.

Overcome these challenges by partnering with an experienced B2B healthcare writer who can tackle complex topics with confidence. A seasoned professional can help you think through your content strategy and produce compelling content and copy that resonates with your audiences and moves them through the buying journey.

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